Pepper Varieties (Hot)


Pepper Variety List
Days to Harvest

70+   Anaheim - Large (7x2") cayenne on the milder side. Green peppers turn red.
85+ Ancho - Mild 5" Poblano called Ancho when smoked or dried. Makes chili rellenos when green.
75 Aurora - Colorful for borders. Very Hot!

90+   Caribbean Red - Small contorted fruits. BEWARE - Hotter than Habanero!
70 Cayenne - Slender 4" red pepper that is twisted, curled and thick walled with pungent flavor. Dries well.
70+ Cayenne Long Slim - Longer 5-6" hot fruits that are twisted and curled with thick skins. Dries easily.

85    Cherry Bomb - Moderately hot, ideal for homemade cheese filled poppers.
75+ Cherry Hot - Cherry turning red. Heavy crop.
65 Fooled You - Jalapeno taste without the burn. Excellent for mild salsas.

73    Garden Salsa - Mild (1x8") fruits ripen to red. Usually used green for salsa & chili. Warm, but not hot.
95+ Habanero - "Scotch Bonnet" is 50x hotter than a Jalapeno! Small (1x1¼") green fruits ripening to orange.
65 Hungarian Hot Wax - Medium-hot (2x6") pepper used for roasting, stuffing, & pickling. Yellow turning bright red.

60    Jalapa - Green (1x3") fruits with thick wall ripen to red.
70 Jalapeno - Hot thick pungent walls. Green (1x3½") peppers become hottest when red. Versatile.
85 Kung Pao - Thin wall peppers dry quickly. Great for Asian dishes.

68    Mexibell - Medium-sized bell that has spicy flavor but is not too hot. Green turning warm red.
69 Mucho Nacho - Heavy producer. Thick meaty 4" long fruits. Use in salsas & sauces.
60 Senorita - Mild Jalapeno. Great for Gringos, Kids, & Cowards!

70+   Serrano - Finger shaped, thin wall fruit for pickling & sauces. Hotter than Jalapeno.
75 Super Chili - Cone shaped, green fruit. Turns orange and ripens to red.
80 Tabasco - Extra hot slender chili pepper for sauces & dips. Heavy producers dry well.

70    Tam Jalapeno - Mild Jalapeno peppers.
70 Thai Dragon - Extra heat & loads of fruit. Each plant can yield 150-200 fruits!
100 Thai Hot - Small pointed fruit is 5x hotter than Jalapeno. Abundant peppers ripen to red.