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“Kansas City’s One Stop Garden Shop” started in 1934. This Lawn & Garden store nestled in South KC has delighted residents of the metro area by stocking fresh, healthy garden & landscape plants. Known for being a valuable source of gardening information, our staff is comprised of individuals who delight both in gardening & giving helpful lawn & garden advice.

Soil Service supplies home, lawn, & garden pest controls (i.e. Weeds, Insects, Plant Diseases, & Animals). Now offering a wide selection of new Organic & Earth Friendly products. Great garden gifts. We help design container gardens, square foot gardens, and other landscape projects. Proud fans of the Kansas City Chiefs!

Latest Newsletters

June 2020 Newsletter

Soil Service News- Rain, Japanese Beetles, Vine and Brush Control   TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING? This wet spring can easily lead us into a false sense of security because our lawns and plants look great right now.   THE DOWNSIDE TO TOO MUCH RAIN This extremely wet spring gives us a false sense […]


May 2020 Newsletter

SOIL SERVICE NEWS – Rose Issues, Tomatoes, Nutsedge, Fungus and Much More!   ROSE BLACKSPOT Rose Blackspot is a serious fungus with symptoms that show up around mid- late May. Warm, wet weather or overhead watering really sets it off.   ABOUT ROSE BLACKSPOT Blackspot is a common fungus on roses: Spores survive winter in […]


March 2020 Newsletter

NEWS FROM SOIL SERVICE- Let’s Get Outdoors And Have Some Fun! TIME FOR FIRST STEP OF LAWN CARE If you use our Soil Service Lawn Care program, this is a reminder that it’s time to apply STEP 1 for a light nutrient feed with crabgrass pre-emergent weed control. If you are not on our program […]



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