• Click here for printable copy: Landscape Client Questionnaire

    *This questionnaire is intended to make the landscape design process
    simpler and more insightful for both the client and the designer. By
    answering these questions, the client is led to focus on his or her needs
    in the garden, and the designer gains an opening into the mind’s eye of
    the client.

    Phone #’s_________________________________________________

    What area(s) of your property are you interested in improving?
    □ Front and/or foundation
    □ Sides
    □ Back and/or patio/deck
    □ Entire property

    Are there specific elements you would like in the landscape?

    □ New walkways □ Patio □ Deck
    □ Retaining Wall □ Pergola/Trellis □ Firepit
    □ Fireplace □ Outdoor Kitchen □ Pool or Hot Tub
    □ Statuary or Art □ Water Feature □ Other: Describe


    If so, how many people?


    Do your landscape and entertaining areas need to be handicap accesible?


    Do you have children? If so, what are their ages?


    Do you need a children’s play area or open spaces to play ball, etc.?


    Do you BBQ or cook outdoors?
    If so, are you content with the location or would you like us to analyze
    and offer solutions for improvement?


    Are there plans for any major structural or architectural changes or
    additions to your property?


    Do you anticipate changing the color of your house significantly
    (especially in the near term)?


    How long do you anticipate remaining in this home?


    Are there specific colors or plants you would like integrated into
    the landscape?


    Conversely, are there colors or plants you don’t want included?


    Are rabbits, deer or other wildlife pests an issue on your property?


    Do you have a time frame in mind for this project?


    Do you have a budget for this project?


    If this is a large project, have you considered the prioritization of
    phases for the project?


    We appreciate your interest, could you please tell us why you chose
    Soil Service to help with your design needs?


    Thank you!! We look forward to designing with you!!