• Do you sell bulk mulch?

    Yes, the Nursery sells a brown double ground hardwood in bulk.

    Do you sell bulk top soil?

    No, at this time we only sell bagged top soil.

    Do you deliver?

    Yes, we do deliver on most items, please call for pricing.

    Do your store hours change seasonally?

    Yes, we have longer hours during daylight savings and shorter hours during the winter months. We also close on Sundays during slow periods in summer, late fall and late winter.

    Do you carry grass sod?

    Yes we do!

    What varieties of grass sod do you carry?

    We carry a blend of Fescue and Blue grass (without netting) and Fescue only (with netting) depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

    What size is the rolls of sod?

    They are 6 feet long x 18 inches wide.

    Do you carry organic vegetables and herbs?

    Yes, we carry an assortment of organic vegetable and herb transplants during appropriate seasons.

    Do you carry flower and vegetable seeds?

    We carry flower and vegetable seeds from companies including Lake Valley, Botanical Interests, Ferry-Morse, Burpee, and Tri-Star, with various organic selections.

    Do you carry grass seed?

    Yes! We carry a variety of grass seed, with blends to match your growing conditions.

    When is the best time to seed the lawn?

    In Kansas City, optimal time to seed is during the first two weeks of September.

    When is the best time to feed my grass?

    Grass is a heavy feeder and the most effective time for feeding is during the cool temperatures of spring and fall/winter. Bluegrass requires more nitrogen than Fescue, so an additional fertilizer helping in the spring is beneficial for this variety. Unlike the cool temperature grasses, the warm weather grasses such as Zoysia and Bermuda should only be fed when it is hot and they are growing aggresively.

    What is the best time of day to water my lawn?

    Watering the lawn in the morning prevents excess evaporation due to the cooler temperatures, and avoids many fungal issues.

    What is the best control to prevent weeds?

    The best weed control is a healthy lawn!! A pre-emergent in the spring as part of our year long maintenance program is effective in the establishment and future health of your lawn.

    Can you help identify weeds/problems if I bring in a sample?

    Weeds can be controlled with the proper chemical application. The most effective method of treatment is proper identification. Bringing in a sample will allow us to educate you on that plant, and the method of treatment for that particular variety.

    How do you control erosion?

    Erosion can be controlled with landscaping materials such as rocks, mulch, stone, etc. Also, using proper selection of plants which have strong roots to hold the soil in place is an excellent idea. Some examples are day lilies, grasses, and ground covers. Terracing with treated lumber or rocks is an effective way to keep plants in place while aiding in erosion prevention.

    What is the best disease/insect control for my plants?

    We carry an assortment of insect and pest control products, both organic and non-organic. As different plants may require different treatments, we welcome you to stop in for a consult with our employees!

    Is there anything I can do about mosquitos?

    Mosquitos are one of the most notorious warm season pests, and there are a few ways to prevent and kill them. As a preventative we recommend Bonide Mosquito Beater. It is a granular product used to create a barrier which discourages mosquitos from entering the treated area. Another effective product is Moquito Bits, also a granular product. It is used to treat areas of standing water, including water gardens, flower pots, and bird baths. It kills mosquito larvae before they are able to grow into adults. Additionally, there are some sprays and other products available. Please come in to see our selection!

    Do you carry bird seed and feeders?

    We carry many varieties of bird feeders and seed, including Oriole and Hummingbird products.

    Do you carry houseplants?

    We love houseplants! Year round we carry a variety of indoor and outdoor tropicals, as well as potting mixes and fertilizers for their care and maintenance.

    How do I prevent insects on my houseplants?

    Be active in checking your plants for pests. Open windows can allow mites and other insects in. Moving plants in and out of the house is also a common way to transport critters. Always spray plants before moving from outdoors to indoor. A systemic such as Bayer Insect, Disease, and Mite Control is an excellent spray product to treat existing issues. A Neem oil spray when in direct contact with the pest can also be quite effective. Catching an infestation quickly is the best way to prevent spreading, and ultimately death of your plant.

    Do you carry pottery?

    Yes! We have an area devoted entirely to pottery, including terra cotta and assorted glazed ceramic. All of our glazed ceramic pottery is 50% off the ticketed price.

    How do I kill fleas, ticks, and other biting insects in my yard?

    Depending on your application preference there are several products to use on your lawn to kill insects. Turf Ranger is a granular product to be applied via spreader. After watering in, it becomes an effective killer for many insects and arachnids. As a spray, Ferti-lome Broad Spectrum Insecticide is a good choice. Simply use the hose end nozzle and spray on desired location. Both products are pet friendly after drying. Come in today to see our complete stock of pest control products.

    How are your plants grown?

    Check out our local growing practices page.