• How to Plant Award Winning Iris

    award-winning iris

    The Award-Winning Iris series contains many of the finest varieties available from America’s foremost Iris breeders. Each variety in this series is superior in many respects.

    Iris are easy to grow! They are best planted in late summer or early fall, but can be planted anytime before the ground freezes. If planted in early Fall, keep the roots moist and soil loose until established.

    Iris require sunny, well drained soil. Dig a hole larger than the spread of the roots. Plant the roots just under the surface. If the soil is sandy, the roots may be planted deeper than when planted in regular garden soil. Iris may be planted as close as 10 inches and they will grow satisfactory. Always pack the soil firmly around the roots after planting and water thoroughly. Since the feeder roots are near the surface, cultivate lightly.

    If your Iris cannot be planted immediately after purchase, spread the divisions in a cool area where they can get air.

    Iris thrive best in a neutral soil. At planting time you may thoroughly mix streamed bone meal or superphosphate into the soil, or this can be delayed until the first spring after planting. After plants are established use a well balanced garden fertilizer.

    Iris need little care, but clumps should be separated every three or four years during the mid-summer, or just after blooming. Foliage should be cleared away from the rhizomes each fall.