• Pepper Variety List
    Days to Harvest

    70 Bell Boy - Medium 5" blocky green bell with dark green fruit turning red and becoming even sweeter.
    75 Big Bertha - Large blocky (4x7") bell. Deep green color turns red. Thick walls make it excellent for stuffing
    70 Big Early - HUGE sweet fruit grows 8" long and 4" wide

    72 Blushing Beauty - Pale yellow (4x7") bell. As sweetly delicious as it is pretty. ALL AMERICAN WINNER
    72 California Wonder - Medium (4x5") green fruit ripens to red with more vitamin C than oranges!
    88 Cherry Pick - Small 1-1/4" fruits

    60 Cubanelle - Italian variety that is smooth, tapered and 6" long. Good sautéing. Yellow-green to red.
    65 Fat-N-Sassy - Glossy green fruit is blocky and thick walled. Matured to red.
    72 Giant Marconi - Tasty 8" long frying type. Matures early to red. Superb yield. ALL AMERICAN WINNER

    68 Golden Belle - Sweet yellow fruit. Great crispiness for salads.
    65 Gypsy - Prolific producers for salads & frying. Yellow fruits (4½x4½") turn orange. Good for containers
    75 Ivory - Pale yellow sweet bell peppers.

    75 Jingle Bells - Ideal for containers. Loads of mini 1½x1½" sweet bells turning red at maturity.
    70 Jupiter - Large blocky sweet crisp fruits can weigh up to ½ lb each. Sturdy plants with fruits ripening to red.
    70 Keystone Giant - Large green bell pepper with four lobes. Productive plants... harvest green or red.

    71 Park's Whopper - Enormous fruits that are great for cooking. Thick-walled peppers remain sweet, tender, & juicy.
    73 Peto Wonder - Very large blocky fruit matures to red
    75 Pimento - Sweet heart shaped pepper. Thick walled (2x3") green fruits maturing to red.

    70 Purple Beauty - Dark 4" purple bell is colorful is salads! Purple color stays after cooking!
    70 Red Beauty - Sweet red pepper with medium size fruit. Colorful in salads!
    75 Sun Bell - Yellow sweet bell pepper.

    77 Super Heavyweight - Enormous sweet bell with marvelous flavor. Green turning to gold.
    65 Sweet Banana - Long 6" tapered (banana shape) sweet pepper with a banana yellow that ripens to orange.
    65 Sweet Banana Supreme - Larger sweet banana with yellow turning to red. Popular ingredient in Hungarian Goulash.

    70 Sweet Cherry - Good small pepper for pickling.
    72 Valencia - Big thick-walled blocky bell. Ripens to deep tangerine.
    75 Yolo Wonder - Vigorous stocky plants with four lobed bells that are 4-6" long.