• Soil Service developed KC Endurance® fescue blend. After reviewing several years of research data from NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) and TWCA (Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance), we chose varieties best suited for Kansas City’s transition zone climate using these NTEP & TWCA criteria:

    Overall transition zone quality of color, density, texture , disease, drought, heat tolerance and shade survival (for lawns with large tree canopies).

    Soil Services’ KC Marathon is our most popular seed mix, and for good reasons. We combine turf-type tall fescues with rhizome (runner forming) bluegrass, to give you a durable lawn that holds up better to traffic from kids/pets than either grass alone. Both grass types have excellent tolerance to sunny areas, while fescue is superior to bluegrass in shade. The result is outstanding performance in both sun and shade.