• A.K.A:
    Arrowhead vine/plant
    Tri-Leaf Wonder

    African Evergreen
    Green-Gold Nephthytis
    Goosefoot Plant
    Five Fingers

    Light: Medium to bright indirect light is best. They can tolerate low light situations but will have slow growth.

    Watering: Allow the top 1.5 inches of soil to dry before watering again. They like to be more on the moist side during the summer, but not waterlogged.

    Humidity: 50% and above is when most varieties thrive.

    Temp: Keep the temperature between 60°-80°F

    Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix or try growing in LECA.

    Fertilizer: Use a general houseplant fertilizer once a month during growing

    Toxicity: The ASPCA lists Syngonium as toxic to both cats and dogs.

    Information may vary depending on plant variation