• A.K.A.:
    String of Pearls
    String of Dolphins
    String of Bananas
    String of Hearts
    String of Turtles
    String of Fish Hooks

    Light: Most varieties love bright indirect light to grow best.

    Watering: These plants can be overwatered very easily. Bottom water once the pot is fully dried out (about once a month).

    Humidity: Most varieties are not picky about their humidity, but generally thrive in high humidity, as long as their roots are staying dry in between waterings.

    Temp: They should be kept at average indoor temperature of 70° – 80° degrees Fahrenheit. During winter, keep the plant at cool temperature – around 55° – 60° degrees Fahrenheit.

    Soil: A well draining soil is much needed with these plants. A cactus and succulent mix is a great option.

    Fertilizer: During spring and summer, fertilize once every 2 or 4 weeks with a liquid fertilizer specifically formulate for succulents.

    Toxicity: Can be moderately toxic depending of variety. Research type before purchasing.