• AKA: P. Brazil, P. Pink Princess, P. Ring of Fire and many other varieties.

    Light: Set the plant in a location with bright, indirect sunlight.

    Watering: allow the first inch to dry out before watering again. Use your finger up to the first knuckle to measure. Each variety has different watering needs.

    Humidity: Most varieties like some humidity. Keeping the area around 50% would be ideal.

    Temp: The ideal temperature for a philodendron is between 65 – 78°F during the day, and around 60°F at night.

    Soil: A well draining potting mix is preferred.

    Fertilizer: Use a balanced general houseplant fertilizer during the growing season.

    Toxicity: Moderately toxic depending on the variety. Research variety before purchasing.

    Information may vary depending on plant variation