• Light: Most prefers bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight.

    Watering: Water thoroughly once or twice a week — more when temps are warmer, less when cooler. Make sure the water drains completely out of the holes at the bottom of the pot. Never leave the plant sitting in water. We DO NOT recommend using ice cubes to water.

    Humidity: Provide at least an environment with 50% humidity to keep these plants happy. Dry air can stunt growth.

    Temp: Keep temperature between 65°- 75°F

    Soil: The best soil type for orchids is a chunky, porous mix. Most orchid mixes contain some combination of coconut husks, charcoal, bark chips, sphagnum moss, and perlite.

    Fertilizer: Feed them during the growing season with an orchid specific fertilizer.

    Toxicity: Toxicity varies depending on Orchid species. Assume it is toxic until researched otherwise.

    Information may vary depending on plant variation