• A.K.A.: wax plant, porcelain flower, wax flower plant, Hindu rope plant, etc…

    Light: Loves indirect bright light. The more light they receive, the better the color. Avoid direct light during the summer.

    Watering: As epiphytes, hoya plants naturally live in low-water environments. Allow the first two inches to dry before watering again. They can easily tolerate drying out completely before watering again.

    Humidity: They would prefer an environment that is at least 50% humidity.

    Temp: Hoyas prefer temperatures over 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Soil: A blend of pine bark, perlite and peat moss is perfect to grow your Hoya in. Soil Service recommends one part pine bark to two parts peat moss, with a bit of dolomitic lime mixed in to reduce the acidity of the blend.

    Fertilizer: Hoya’s are grown mostly as a foliage plant and therefore require a lot of nitrogen to spur its growth. New plants should be given a high nitrogen fertilizer on a regular basis during spring and summer.

    Toxicity: Non-toxic

    Information may vary depending on plant variation