• Light: Ferns are considered a low light plant. Although most ferns grow in moist shady places like forest floors, this does not mean that they do not need light. All plants require SOME light.

    Watering: Let the first inch or so dry before watering again. They love moisture but be careful not to over water.

    Humidity: All ferns love moisture and ideally should be given humid conditions. Use a humidifier or a humidity tray made of pebbles or leca to increase damp conditions.

    Temp: Most ferns do not like cold or drafts. 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

    Soil: They grow well in standard potting soil with a peat-moss base. The soil should retain some moisture but should also drain well.

    Fertilizer: Feed your ferns in the summer every two to four weeks with a liquid fertilizer.

    Toxicity: Depends on the species, assume it is until research tells you otherwise.

    AKA: Maidenhair fern, Birds nest fern, Boston Fern

    Information may vary depending on plant variation