• Light: Dracaenas grow best when they get 2-4 hours of bright, indirect sunlight every day. They will tolerate less light, but growth will slow down significantly.

    Watering: Water the plant thoroughly allowing the water to run through the container completely. Do not water again until the soil has completely dried.

    Humidity: An area with a humidity level of 30-40% is ideal.

    Temp: Maintain a comfortable temperature of 60–70 °F, at night, 50–55 °F is acceptable.

    Soil: They thrive in rich soil with plenty of organic material, such as a well-draining potting soil containing peat or coco coir.

    Fertilizer: Like all indoor plants, dracaena thrive with only one or two feedings with a fertilizer designed specifically for houseplants during growing season.

    Toxicity: Moderately toxic, causing vomiting and stomach irritation if eaten.

    Information may vary depending on plant variation