• Light: Love bright light. Prefers some to mostly direct sunlight.

    Watering: Every 3-5 weeks depending on the time of year. They grow best when allowed to fully dry out between waterings. During the regular growing season, spring to fall, a three-week interval is a good rule of thumb. From late fall to early spring, when dormant, use a five-week interval.

    Humidity: This desert plant does not require much humidity.

    Temp: Loves warmer temps that mirror their natural desert environment.

    Soil: Any well-draining cactus mix will work. Crump Greenhouse Cactus and Succulent mix is a Soil Service favorite!

    Fertilizer: Feeding at least once a year is a good rule of thumb, a liquid fertilizer with a higher phosphorus can be used.

    Toxicity: Not poisonous, but may cause harm if eaten due to spikes.

    Information may vary depending on plant variation