• A.K.A.: Chinese Evergreen

    Light: The darker green varieties of aglaonema
    can grow in near shade, while the variegated
    varieties require brighter light. Do not expose
    any variety of aglaonema to direct sun.

    Watering: Water thoroughly in the summer.
    During the winter, reduce watering but do not let
    the plant dry out completely.

    Humidity: Thrives in a more humid environment
    Temp: they do not like cold drafts or
    temperatures below 65 degrees. Be sure to keep
    it away from drafty windows or vents and the
    warmer the spot you can find, the better.

    Soil: A well-drained, slightly acidic potting soil is
    perfect for aglaonemas.
    Fertilizer: Use a slow-release pellet or liquid
    fertilizer during the growing season.

    Toxicity: Moderately toxic to animals

    Information may vary depending on plant variation