• Earth Right’s “The Mushroom Stuff”
    ….Liquid Fermented Mushroom For Serious Gardeners
    Rose and Peony Growers and Occasionally for the Lawn

    Enhance the growth and health of all plants and vegetables by giving them natural nutrients including the benefits from liquid mushroom. Liquid mushroom is made from fermented Reishi, Oyster, and other varieties. The Mushroom Stuff reestablishes the appropriate mycelium on the root hairs of the capillaries, so that plants of all types might be able to better utilize the nutrients provided. These mycelium are frequently “killed off” by chemicals, compaction, and disease. You may have heard of that saying, “don’t burn the roots.”If you have, the reference means that the chemicals that were put down damaged these microscopic root hairs. YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE when you use this product.

    Grow Prize Roses, Peonies, Flowers, and Vegetables
    Roses Have More Blooms and Better Growth
    Shrubs and Roses Produce Better Foliage, with Larger & Darker Leaves
    Peonies Gain Stalk Size, Produce More Blooms
    Increase Germination Rates and Root Structure
    Improve Root Structure of all Turf, Trees, Shrubs, & Plants
    Over 50 Vitamins, Amino Acids, Enzymes, & Growth Regulators
    and Over 50 Trace Elements

    The Mushroom Stuff is designed to restore the mycelium on the hair-like structure of the plant roots. We know that this is the mechanism that enables plants to transport nutrients from the ground into the plant root. The reason that many gardeners use mushroom meal as a part of their compost, is that the plants do really well when it is used. Most gardeners don’t know the reason it works, just that it works. Reishi Mushroom contains plentiful proteins, amino acids, polypeptides, polyamines, nucleosides, terpenoids, alkaloids, carbohydrates, organic germanium, vitamins, and minerals.

    Polyamines are small positively charged compounds that have been hypothesized to be involved in a wide variety of plant physiological and developmental functions. Some of these include stress responses, senescence, cell division, and embryo and floral development. The Mushroom Stuff is a blend of liquid fermented Reishi, Oyster, and other mushrooms, all natural nutrients, micronutrients, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and natural growth regulators that support the liquid mushroom ferment. Additionally, other ingredients are utilized to maintain open pore space in the soil, aiding in root growth, drainage, and encouraging the growth of natural biologicals in the soil. This unique blend gives you the edge in creating prize winning flower gardens, exquisite roses, healthy peonies, thriving vegetables gardens, and beautiful trees and shrubs.

    In 2001, rose growers have reported that they were able to dispense with or reduce chemical insecticides when using this product. We had been testing the product with well-known rose growers in the greater Kansas City area. This provided cost savings for these growers, as well as helping to save our environment from harsh chemical run-off into the soil and water table. We also had a well-known peony grower whose plants had been damaged by the bad hail-storm we had in the spring. Lots of buds were broken off. The Mushroom Stuff rejuvenated his peonies and they set up some new eyes and grew again. He said he had never seen that happen before. We believe you will be really pleased with the results when using this product.


    Flower & Vegetable Gardens
    Herb Gardens
    Trees & Shrubs

    Rose Gardens

    Peonies & Hostas
    Perennial & Annual Flowers
    Seed Germination

    Directions: Use Earth Right Enhanced Soil Conditioner at the beginning of each season and the end of each season to create good soil tilth in your garden. Two weeks after you have applied the Earth Right Soil Conditioner, apply The Mushroom Stuff. Apply it monthly for the season. Always separate applications of the Earth Right Enhanced Soil Conditioner and The Mushroom Stuff by 2 weeks.

    Dosage: On Roses; use ½ ounce per rose bush in ½ gallon of water per rose bush monthly, beginning early in the season. Apply around the base of the bush, where the root structure is. Water in with ¼ inch of water.
                On Peonies; use 2½ ounces mixed with 3 gallons of water for every 20 peonies monthly. Apply to the soil not the flower. Water in with ¼ inch of water.
                On Flower and Perennial gardens; use 2-3 ounces mixed with 3 gallons of water for every 100 sq. ft. monthly. Apply to the soil and water in ¼ inch.
                On Tomatoes; See Roses.
                On Vegetables; use 3 ounces per planted 100 sq. ft. monthly.
                On Cucumbers; it is only needed at planting.
                On Indoor Plants; use 1 ounce per gallon of water every month.
                On Forcing Blooms to Open; add a little to the vase. Flowers that have not been damaged will open more rapidly.
                Seed Germination; Mix ¼ ounce of The Mushroom Stuff in 1 ounce of water and empty contents of seed package. Soak from 1 hour to 1 day. Remove seeds from liquid and plant. If seeds are very tiny, you may mix in more water and water the seeds into the row.
                Turf; If you feel that you have damaged root structure from chemicals being applied to your lawn, use this product to restore roots ability to transport nutrients into the grass. Just 1 application per year should do it, unless you accidentally apply too much chemical at some point to your lawn.

    Do Not Use This Product If the Ground is Frozen!

    Use with Earth Right Enhanced Soil Conditioner to
    restore natural balance to the soil, relieve compaction
    & increase the utilization of nutrients.
    Use products 2 weeks apart!