• Disease control for lawn, garden and house plants is essential for healthy growth and longevity.  We have an expert staff to assist in identifying the disease and providing a solution for controlling the disease.

    Featured Disease Control Products

    Fertilome F-Stop


    Fertilome F-Stop: 
    is a granular product containing EagleĀ® Fungicide that provides a systemic protectant and curative fungicide. F-Stop controls diseases in established lawns and in ornamental turfs! F-Stop can be used in lawns or landscapes!
    Turf Diseases Controlled: Anthracnose (Leaf blight), Red Thread, Septoria Leaf Spot, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Blight, Leaf Spot, Melting Out, Crown Rot, Leaf Smuts, Necrotic Ring Spot, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Summer Patch, Take-All Patch, and Zoysia Large Patch.


    Bonide InfuseBonide Infuse:
    , a granular fungicide, prevents and controls over 30 plant diseases, including tough to control soil borne pathogens of bulbs, annual and perennial flowers, bedding plants and ground covers, deciduous and evergreen trees, and shrubs. 2.05% Thiophanate-Methyl is now available to the home owner! Treats up to 5,000 sq.ft.