From a horticulture and botanical standpoint, nothing represents the Missouri and Kansas region better than native plants. There is a wide range of native plants for all areas of your garden. Because these plants are native to the region, they are highly adaptable to all weather conditions. When the weather fluctuates unexpectedly, they are usually the ones to survive, making them a great plant to outlive all the others.

Much of the region suffers from widespread habitat loss. Planting natives protects the valuable botanical heritage of the region by providing food and shelter for many species and acting as excellent nectar plants for pollinators. If you’re looking for a good native nectar plant, Mountain Mint (Pycnathemum), Sunflowers, Daylilies, and Goldenrods are great choices. We make sure to carry natives that work in various soil and light conditions, whether you need a plant for your sunny or shady garden. There is native plant species will thrive in any kind of soil, whether rocky, sandy, or well-drained, while others prefer either dry soils or wet soils.

We cannot emphasize the variety in our selection of native plants enough. From shade trees to ornamentals trees, shrubs to perennials, we carry as many native plants as we can because we believe in bringing these plants back into widespread use. If you’re looking for native shade trees, some that we supply include oak trees and sugar maples, while if you’re looking for an ornamental trees native to Missouri’s woodlands, we carry a wide selection of flowering dogwoods and redbuds. Our native beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) works well in sun gardens and our Hydrangea arborescens in shady gardens. We also carry a selection of interesting vines, grasses, and waterplants. No matter what your planting environment, we have a native that will work.