seeds on soil

Soil Service has all of your seed needs - whether you need grass seed, flower seeds or vegetable seeds, we have it all! For grass seeds, you need to know what type or mix of seed to get for purpose - new lawn or filling in patches? Before buying flower or vegetable seeds, you should know where they are going to grow. You might want to choose another plant or vegetable to grow.

Soil Service Knows Seeds!

  • A wide variety of grass seeds
  • Expertise in mixing the right combination of grass seeds
  • Huge selection of plant and vegetable seeds

Featured Grass Seed

  • KC Marathon Fescue /Bluegrass Blend
  • KC Endurance Fescue Blend
  • Shady Lawn Supreme
  • Super Blue - Bluegrass Blend

Featured Flower and Vegetable Seed

  • Burpee
  • Botanical Interests
  • Lake Valley
  • Tri-Star

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